Quantum Light-Matter Interactions in Solid State Systems




The conference on Quantum Light-Matter Interactions in Solid-State Systems (QLIMS 2015) is organized in the framework of the EU Initial Training Network CIPRIS (Coherent Information Processing in Rare-Earth Ion doped Solids). The goal of the conference is to gather the worldwide community working on quantum information processing and quantum optics with rare-earth doped solids, and also on other optically addressable solid state qubits, such as for example color centers in diamonds.

In the conference, there will be invited and contributed talks and also poster session. Some of the contributed talks can be promoted as hot topics. The conference will include the following topics:

  • Solid state optical quantum memories
  • Quantum optics with solid state qubits
  • Solid State single photon sources
  • New materials for coherent light-matter interaction
  • Optical detection and manipulation of single rare-earth ions
  • Solid state impurities in nano-photonic structures
  • Coupling between solid state spin-ensembles & super conducting qubits
  • Quantum light sources for solid state quantum memories
  • Micro-wave to optical frequency conversion
  • Frequency locking with rare-earth ion doped solids

Lab tours at ICFO will be organised.


Group picture of QLIMS 2015KTL_4651e