Hugues de Riedmatten

Hugues de Riedmatten

Group leader


Institute of Photonic Sciences
Parc Mediterrani de la tecnologia
Avda Carl Friedrich Gauss 3
08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain
Office:   012

Office Telephone:  +34 935534020
Laboratory Telephone: +34 935542206,   +34 935542203
Fax:   +34 935534000


Academic Background

From 09/2010
Tenured ICREA Professor at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Barcelona.  Group  Leader of the Quantum Photonics with Solids and Atoms group.

Senior Scientist in the Group of Applied Physics, University of Geneva (Prof. Nicolas Gisin). Group Leader of photonic quantum storage activities based on solid state atomic ensembles.

Post-doctoral Scholar, Quantum Optics Group, California Institute of Technology, with Prof. Jeff Kimble. Research area: Light-Matter interface with atomic ensembles and single photons, entanglement between remote atomic ensembles, experiments towards quantum networks and repeaters.

Post-doc at the Group of Applied Physics, University of Geneva, with Prof Nicolas Gisin. Research area: Long distance quantum communication in optical fibers

PhD in Physics (experimental quantum optics), Group of Applied Physics, University of Geneva, Switzerland, with Prof. Nicolas Gisin.

Title: Photonic entanglement in optical fibers: from long distance quantum teleportation to high dimensional Hilbert spaces.

MSc in physics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL). Master thesis in nanophysics at the Laboratory of nanostructured materials , with Prof Jean-Philippe Ansermet.

Title: Study of relaxation phenomena in magnetic nanostructures using NMR.

Selected Publications:

(for a full account, see here)

1.C. Clausen, I.Usmani,F. Bussières, N.Sangouard, M.Afzelius, H. de Riedmatten and N.Gisin,  Quantum storage of photonic entanglement in a crystal, Nature 469, 508 (2011) . See also News&Views  by Jevon Longdell.

2. B. Lauritzen, J. Minář, H. de Riedmatten, M. Afzelius, N. Sangouard, C. Simon and N. Gisin,Telecomunication wavelength solid state memory at the single photon level, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 080502 (2010)

3. H. de Riedmatten, Quantum Optics: Light Storage at record bandwidth, Invited News&Views paper, Nature Photonics 4, 206 (2010)

4. H. de Riedmatten*, M.Afzelius*, M.Staudt, C.Simon and N.Gisin, A solid state light matter interface at the single photon level, Nature 456, 773 (2008) (*co first-authors)

5. C. Simon, H. de Riedmatten, M. Afzelius, N. Sangouard, H. Zbinden, and N. Gisin, Quantum Repeaters with Photon Pair Sources and Multimode Memories, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 190503 (2007)

6. C.-W. Chou, J. Laurat, H. Deng, K. S. Choi, H. de Riedmatten, D. Felinto, H. J.Kimble Functional Quantum Nodes for Entanglement Distribution over Scalable Quantum Networks Science 316, 1316 (2007), published in Science Express on April 5 2007

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9. C.W.Chou, H. de Riedmatten, D.Felinto, S.V. Polyakov, S.J. van Enk and H.J.Kimble,    Measurement induced entanglement for atomic excitation stored in remote atomic ensembleNature, 438, 828-832 (2005)

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